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Rent RV & Boat Storage From Roots Storage In Middleton, ID

    We offer a wide variety of storage unit types and sizes to meet any requirements you might need. We take pride in making sure our storage units are clean, secure & most of all-affordable. Feel free to call us anytime for your unit or simply rent your boat or RV storage unit below!

Extra Small (11 x 20)

11' wide 20' deep angled open parking

$45 / month Waiting List

Small Straight parking unit (12 x 20)

12'x20' straight back in open parking.

$45 / month Waiting List

Small RV/Toy Storage Space (11 x 25)

$45 / month Waiting List

Small (12 x 25)

12' wide 25' deep angled open parking

$45 / month Waiting List

Medium short/wide parking (25 x 13)

25' deep by 13' wide angled parking space

$55 / month

medium 13'x30' angled back in open parking (30 x 13)

medium 13'x30' angled back in open parking

$55 / month Waiting List

Medium straight unit (33 x 13)

Medium straight back in unit 33'x13

$55 / month Waiting List

Medium Pull Through (13 x 35)

13' x 35' angled pull through open parking space

$65 / month Waiting List

Medium RV/Toy Storage Space (13 x 35)

13' wide 35' deep angled open parking

$55 / month Waiting List

large Corner storage space (29 x 19)

Large corner unit 29'x19' with a 13' opening.

$75 / month Waiting List

Large Pull Through 13'x45' (13 x 45)

Large 13'x45' Pull Through Angled Open Parking Spot

$65 / month Waiting List

Large RV/Toy Storage Space (13 x 45)

13' wide by 45' deep angled open parking

$55 / month Waiting List

Large Trapezoid shaped unit (33 x 33)

Large Trapezoid shaped unit. 33' in rear by 33' deep by 13' opening

$65 / month Waiting List

Extra Large Corner (37 x 37)

Extra large corner space 37'x37' with a 17' opening

$75 / month Waiting List

Trapezoid double unit (20 x 12 x 24)

Trapezoid shaped unit, 20' wide in the back 12' wide in front, 24' deep

$65 / month Waiting List

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